Casino blackjack strategy chart

Casino blackjack strategy chart

Blackjack is almost the only card game in which you have a real chance to beat the casino with your skill. To win, you just need to reduce the edge of the house to a minimum. This thing can be done in two ways. The first is to pick and use a basic casino blackjack strategy. The 2nd one is the counting of cards, which always needs severe concentration. Nevertheless, using the 2nd option is almost impossible: now, BJ is played with 6-8 decks. It is too difficult to remember all cards that were already used in a game.

As card counting is a complicated way, newbies are recommended to improve their level of play paying attention to learning the best casino blackjack strategy.

Casino blackjack strategy online

When you are looking to become a professional BJ gambler or simply a skilled player, then the first thing to do should be to learn the basic strategy used in this game. Many sites filled with the information devoted to card games, share with their customers casino blackjack strategy charts. They can be used either on the internet or downloaded. The latter option means:

  • Getting PDF files and saving them on your computer or a mobile device;
  • Downloading the image of the chart and even installing it as a wallpaper (to have this casino blackjack strategy with you);
  • Making personal real-paper chart that bases on one of the charts you found on the net.

The most often offered system is dynamic. You can enter any set of blackjack rules and get recommendations for those rules. You can save and print the image to use it further during the game. Meanwhile, if you are planning to visit land-based gambling houses, you should better take the time to memorize the given recommendations.

To use this cheat shit, simply find your combination on the left side of the chart and the croupier’s face-up card in the top row. The intersection will tell you the best course of action in a certain situation. Pay attention to the fact that this strategy will never guarantee you a win, but it helps to lower the advantage of a casino. Much in the game depends on your luck and skill.

Is it possible to use a chart at a casino?

The most-often asked question referring to this online casino blackjack strategy sounds like this: “Can you use a chart in a casino”. Yes, you can do it always, when you gamble online: no one sees you. You are allowed to work with it even during an internet game with a real dealer. Nevertheless, it is evident that every guy, who will be caught with this list at a land casino, will be at least kicked out of the house. Using the chart in real-life games concerns to be cheating.

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