Types of blackjack online

In addition to the classic blackjack must-have, web gaming sites offer different playing options, among which the ones we are going to see are the most famous.

Different types of blackjack

Here they are :

Atlantic City Blackjack
Here is a game played using eight different decks of cards. One is given face up and another face down to the dealer. In this kind of games, late offers and insurance are allowed. The rules of this game favor the players much more compared to other variations. The purpose of this game is to defeat the dealer by obtaining a hand as close as possible to 21, without ever crossing this score.

Double exposure
Here is a variation of blackjack where the dealer is dealt two cards face up from the initial deal. In this variation, it is possible to see two cards from the dealer, giving you a better chance of winning pennies. In order to keep the house edge, the payout for natural blackjack turns out to be 3: 2. On the other hand, natural blackjack only pays an amount equal to your initial bet. If there is a tie, the players see their stake fly away.

European blackjack
This variant, the best known, uses two sets. The player has two cards face up, the dealer has one card face up and another card face down. This is done as a result of the player’s decision. With this variant, the croupier draws his second card following the players’ turn. Then, he asks the first player at the table (player present to his left) for the option he wishes to choose. Then, the croupier draws cards until he has a number between 17 and 21 which is called a point.

Spanish blackjack
This is a type of blackjack that is played without ten-digit cards, the rest of the cards have the same value as in basic blackjack. With this version, there are no push on 21 rules for this game, also known as spanish 21 blackjack. This means that the croupier and the player reach 21, the game is won each time by the player. This is a great variation for you as a gamer, since the majority of games are in favor of the bank.

Vegas strip
This is one of the most popular no-download blackjack games, played with four double decks when the aces are split and the dealer can uncover his hole card. Like its basic version, the player wins the game, if his hand is better than that of the dealer, without going beyond 21. In addition, be aware that this type of blackjack pays 3 against 2 if there is a blackjack. For its part, insurance pays 2 to 1.

Live Blackjack
With this option, online players can benefit from a real casino experience by playing against a live dealer in real time: total immersion guaranteed. Live blackjack is a very good option for those who want to play online games but want to enjoy a human exchange but also the sensations of a physical casino. Choose an online blackjack table and test a live blackjack dealer to enjoy the sensations of a real casino!

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